Doyle 2 Delta

Completed on:2020-2021 Client:Doyle 2 Delta Another stream package for a buddy of mine, Doyle 2 Delta. He already had the base of his branding when he came to me with his little "stickman" figure. We started building everything around that, including the D shape for his username as well as an alternative VR logo since he's very much into streaming VR. This is a really small sample size of what we've done together. All the overlays are animated as well and I've yet to add all the emotes, sub badges, bits badges, channel panels and other assets I've created for what he affectionately calls "The Doyleverse". Go check him out, he's a really entertaining streamer.
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Completed on:2015-Present Client:Bulls Subreddit This project is a real passion project of mine since it's the one I've actively been designing for over 6 years now and still going strong. It includes a lot of different things such as an entire design for the subreddit page, icons for each type of posts, images of players to celebrate what we call "BotG" (Bull of the Game) as well as banners, logos, icons and emotes for our Discord server now which has been active for over 3 years. I just love the community we've been able to build and the design that goes along with it and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.
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