Completed on:July 2021 Client:Slangen A personal mark/brand, planning to have an upcoming website using this in the near future. For now it'll just remain a logo until I can launch a website very much like this one except just focused on my professional life and not my online one. Wanted to have a little mark to signify my last name using the first letter "S" as well as my love for shapes & triangles (also inserting of bit that of that S flair everyone drew in highschool, haha) building this using only one triangle mirrored and scaled to form the letter itself.
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Patrick Williams

Completed on:July 2021 Client:Patrick Williams A personal design exercise where I design a brand for my favorite player on my favorite team, Chicago Bulls forward Patrick Williams. Trying to up with the typical branding athletes get these days when it's usually a combination of their initials and their jersey number. I tried to be as clever as I could on the concept itself and think it came out pretty good.
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Rockford Rams

Completed on:September 2020 Client:alba Another little side project of mine where I redesigned the logo of my son's school athletic department because I though the current one could use quit a bit of upgrading so I went ahead and did it. I won't link to it though, ha. This is the result and I've also included a couple of tests for what a basketball or soccer specific variant of the logo would look like.
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